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Mulch Film
Who We Are?

Wide range of applications, easy and effective solutions...

Felix is a manufacturer and supplier of various nonwoven products. Felix produces spunbond nonwoven, film, laminated products, and filled granule products.

"Nonwovens" are high-performance non-woven fabrics made by processing different types of fibers with various methods.

Nonwovens resemble the appearance of traditional textiles and can mimic the durability and texture of woven fabrics.

Nonwovens provide quick, easy, and effective solutions to problems in every aspect of modern life with their wide range of applications.

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Vision Mission

Vision & Mission

At Felix we are committed to achieve superior quality standards. We understand your requirements and deliver products and services that surpass your expectations.

We continually improve and innovate in the products and services via utilizing every possible mean of technological advancements.

We maintain quality standards of products and services through constant evaluation, inspection and verification at all stages.

Felix Supports your creative and cost effective uses of its products. Unique processing features and outstanding products easily enhances your operational efficiency.

Felix utilizes most efficient and effective way to produce and deliver its products and services. By doing so, we minimize the waste, save valuable time, power and energy as well as other economic means. However the most important aspect of our operational effectiveness is that our team of professionals is dedicated to deliver best results through innovation and practice.